MASSURA. Bespoke service is available for suits, evening wear, jackets, pants, coats, shirts and knitwear. Truly personal, this service offers the exclusivity to fulfill your individual needs to express and develop a very distinguished and personal sense of style. We combine tradition and innovation to manufacture an individual product. It is a way of being dressed well while feeling comfortable and free of moving when wearing our garments.

Made-to-measure services

Each creation is like a demonstration of our focus on the uniqueness of each person, on understanding the requests and reading the body shape.

As our customer you can choose all elements of the garment’s aesthetic. Decisions such as jacket style, lapel width, pockets, buttons and lining can be made and thereafter the body measurements as well as some posture specific notes are taken.

Then, the Tailors in our workshops chalk the specific measurements directly on the fabric to create an individual pattern. The different pieces are basted by hand and the suit will be prepared for the first fitting where we inspect the measurements taken during the first meeting and make necessary adjustments.

For a new customer the bespoke process will take approximately three months to complete and will usually involve two additional fittings. Once the perfect pattern has been created all measurements are stored and further orders can be completed more time efficient with only one fitting.


MASSURA. Possesses a wide variety of exclusive fabrics among permanent and seasonal collections in different of colors and patterns. We select only the best ateliers and manufacturers of the finest fabrics such as Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil for suiting and Alumo, Thomas Mason and David & John Andersson for shirting.


Our luxurious approach to modern bespoke tailoring is simple: make beautiful garments while delivering impeccable, personalized service, and in return develop clients for life. We invite you to experience our exclusive sartorial selections in any location you can imagine. We will create a truly personal wardrobe tailored to you individual needs.