If you want to look very elegant but not too overdressed during your vacation or evening stroll at the seaside, than this look is for you. Featuring double-breasted jacket in Fox Air tropical wool, which has a crisp, soft and refined hand. The fabric originally developed for markets where the climate was particularly humid make the jacket perfect for hot summer days or nights. Further details feature soft construction, spalla camicia shoulder and handmade elements made by skilled Neapolitan artisans.

We combined the jacket with another great piece from our collection – cotton/line trousers in denim optics from Loro Piana cloth. The cotton/linen mix is balancing each other to allow maximum breathability but less wrinkling as with pure linen. Trousers feature Hollywood waistband, which allow wearing trousers with a belt, but without compromising on the comfort with pleats.

You can wear most types of shirts in this look, which will round up the whole attire perfectly. We chose light blue one-piece collar shirt.

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