The bespoke process

Bespoke can provide a fit and style that is completely unlike the other custom options. Also in terms of making the bespoke line offers the highest grade of details and handwork. The bespoke journey is usually a process that requires between three and four appointments. It is a truly personal exchange between the fitter and the customer in order to achieve an exceptional fit.

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Fitting the garment

The goal of the first meeting is to understand the customers needs and to transform these into a concrete product. We discuss personal preferences and individual requirements and select a fabric that is in line with the customers needs. Form and function of the garment such as lining, pockets and other details related to the garments aesthetic follow. The goal of the meeting is to create a visual idea of a truly personal garment.

First Fitting

Tailors will always tell you that the first fitting is for the tailor. This is partially true because customers can also revisit fundamental decisions about the overall appearance of the product.  Equally important is technical aspect of the first fitting. The fitter is able to asses the structure of the product and to make changes to the basted fabric. The goal of the first fitting is to re-align the direction with the customer and to eliminate any fit defects.

Second Fitting

Details truly matter in this step. The fitter is able adjust almost every element of the garment in order to meet the MASSURA. standards and to align on aesthetic details with the customer. The goal of this fitting is to find a fit that fully represents the customers needs.


All our bespoke products are handmade in Naples. The fabric is meticulously cut by hand and the inner linings are soft and gently stitched to the back of the lapels. Buttonholes and all visual pick stitches are entirely made by hand by skilled artisans. Shoulders are unpadded and completely unconstructed and the sleeve head is cut wider to offer more freedom of movement. Small pleats at the top of the shoulder are constructed in a way either to increase formality of the overall appearance or to amplify a certain casual attire.



During the final fitting we collect feedback from the customer regarding form und function of the product. We make changes such as waist width, sleeve or trousers length if required. The fitter signs off the physical paper patter as soon as the final evaluation was completed. The pattern will help us to cut further orders with a higher degree of accuracy to ensure that fewer fittings will be required.

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