Virtual Tailoring Guide

Virtual Tailoring is another option in our tailoring portfolio to allow customers to order custom made items. Click through the steps of the Virtual Tailoring program to get an understanding how to order a product based on your measurements.

  1. Choose Design

Browse through the extensive list of designs for Jackets and Trousers here. Characteristics of designs are Style (Single or Double Breasted) and Pockets for Jackets, and waistband and pockets for Trousers. Start with the design of your preference by clicking on the item.

Discover all Designs here.

2. Select Fabric

On the detail page of a design select a fabric by clicking on the fabric in the right section just below the size dropdown. All fabrics are also visible on the left hand side next to the product image. Click through the different fabric options and zoom in if required. All fabrics have the same weight and fabric composition as the fabric of the design.

3. Select Size

Select a size that is closest to the regular dimensions of the jacket. You can find the size dimensions in the size chart section at the bottom of the page. Select a standard size even if you customize the measurements of the jacket. If you are satisfied with the default dimension of the standard size proceed with the checkout.

4. Customize Fit

Customize the fit of a standard size by entering measurements in the text fields below the fabrics section. You can enter measurements in CM and Inch. We recommend to take measurements from a jacket of your wardrobe. Follow the ‘How To’ guide of the bottom of this page to understand how to take the different measurements for Jackets and Trousers. If you are still unsure about how to take the measurements correctly or you would like us to review your measurements or the fit of your jacket, please schedule a virtual meeting with us and we will support you. Select ‘schedule a virtual meeting’ just before checkout.

5. Submit Order

Proceed with checkout if you have selected design, fabric, standard size. We recommend to review the dimensions of the jacket if you entered custom measurements. We will carefully check your order after checkout and come back to you in case of questions.

6. Receive Order

As soon as we received the order, we will check all elements of your order and start cutting the fabric. We will send you the shipping information of the order two to three weeks after the order submission.

The MASSURA. look tailored to your needs

The MASSURA. online shop offers a curated selection of key pieces. Every collection reflects an expression of tailoring to match the current season and the brand aesthetic. Each garment of the collection is crafted individually on demand with a delivery time of two to three weeks.

How To Take Measurements – The Jacket

Jacket Length

Measure from the lower collar to the bottom of the jacket. Ensure that you start to measure from the point where collar and fabric meet. Keep the tape straight along the back seam of the jacket.

Sleeve Length

Measure from the shoulder to the bottom of the sleeve. Ensure that you start to measure from the point where front and back part of the jacket and the sleeve meet. Take the measure in the middle of the bottom of the sleeve.

Shoulder Width

Measure from the left shoulder seam to the right shoulder seam. Ensure that you start measuring from the position where front jacket, back jacket and sleeve meet.

Chest Width

Measure from the lapel to the side seam of the jacket. The side seam usually ends at the side vent of the jacket.

Back Width

Measure from sleeve to the mid seam of the jacket. Ensure that you start to measure from the point where back seam of sleeve and back part of the jacket meet.

Waist Width

Measure from the central button of the jacket to the middle back seam.

How To Take Measurements – Trousers

Outer Seam

Measure from top of the waistband to the bottom of the trouser all along the side seam.


Measure from the crotch to the bottom all along the inside seam of the trouser. Ensure that you start to measure from the point where side and crotch seam meet.


Measure from back waist seam to the front fly of the trouser.


Measure from left to the right side seam. Position the tape right below the bottom of the front pockets. For pleated trousers, ensure that pleats are closed and do not open.


Measure from middle of the front trouser to the middle of the back trouser. Position the tape 10cm below the point where inseam and crotch seam meet.

Front Rise

Measure from the top of the waistband to the point where front and back of the trouser meet.


Measure from middle of the front trouser to the middle of the back trouser. Position the tape in the middle of the inside leg (1/2 of inseam measure).

Leg Opening

Measure the 1/2 circumference of the leg opening.