MASSURA. price list

Below you can find the most recent price lists for our various lines. Prices include 19% VAT (can be deducted for shipments into some countries). For shipping costs, please see our shipping & returns policy.

Sartorial line = handmade in Italy with extra sartorial details (e.g. hand made side stitching, all interior details fully hand made).
Premium line= handmade in Italy without extra sartorial details (e.g. partial side stitching as well as some interior elements).
Standard = mostly machine made / partially hand made in Italy

Additional notes:

  • All prices for tailoring already include fabric costs as a general flat rate. Note: unique or special fabrics (e.g. cashmere, escorial wool. Etc. for sport coat) will come with an extra charge;
  • All MTM services include meeting for initial consultation, selection of fabric and to take measurements (either in person or virtual);
  • Note: bespoke commission possible with additional charge of 300€ for outerwear and jacket and 200€ for waistcoat and trousers;
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